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."In the long term, afte

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cation authorities for e▓valuations and exams.That was why the quality of school education was gradually lagging behind that in tutoring institutions, he said, adding tha▓t the real solution to reducing pupils' academic workload is to increase the quality of school education.When the quality of school education was as good as that offered in af

r-school trainin

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ter▓-school classes, parents would only need to send their ch▓ildren to tutoring classes when they wanted to develop their artistic or sportin

g talent.Chu Zhaohui, a senior research▓er at the National Institute of Education, said that although the education authorities had been discussing ways to reduce the burden

g institutions should onl▓y p

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on children for more ▓than two decades, pupils' workload had, iron▓ically, increased over the years."The ro▓ot cause for the increasing workload

is the unbalanced distribution of educati▓on resources among different schools, forcing parents to do everything they can to send their children to better schools," Chu said.Almost every district ha▓s "superschools" that have the best educational resources and are supported and promoted by local authorities looking to burnish their achievements, he said.Xiong said parents

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